Principles in Practice

The table below illustrates what practical steps we take to apply the Co-operative principles to what we do.

Voluntary and open membership All workers will be able to join the Co-operative, giving them an equal say in its governance.
Democratic member control The Members of the Co-operative will control the actions of the Co-operative on a one member:one vote basis.
Member economic participation All workers are paid by the Co-operative and will share in the surpluses created by the business.
Autonomy and independence The Co-operative is a private business owned by its members and operating for the joint benefit of them and the local community.
Education, training and information The Co-operative will provide educational facilities on-site, work with local schools and will provide training and apprenticeships.
Co-operation amongst co-operatives The Co-operative will, where possible, work with other Co-operatives. This particularly applies to the procurement of goods and services.
Concern for community The Co-operatives members will undertake work within the community as part of their obligations as a member. The Co-operative will cede a portion of its profits to its own Foundation, to be used for community benefit.The Co-operative will seek to develop additional Co-operative enterprises which will benefit the community.