The Community Foundation

The Co-operative proposes to invest up to £10,000,000 into projects and activities into the Crofton, Ryhill and Havercroft area over the proposed life of the mine (which is expected to be around 20 years).

This money will be invested through a charitable Community Foundation, made up of representation of the Co-operative and the local community. This will be responsible for investing the money in ways which will improve the quality of life for people in the area, and have a lasting, sustainable legacy. This is right at the heart of what Co-operatives do.

The Community Foundation will produce a development plan which will determine how this money is spent in New Crofton, Ryhill, Havercroft and Wintersett.

The Foundation has not yet been formed, but the “Directors Designate” for it (and the areas they are nominally representing) are:

  • Cheryle Bashforth (Ryhill)
  • Michelle Dunn (Havercroft)
  • Avril Ingleson (Wintersett)
  • Arthur Ripley (Crofton)

They were elected by the membership of the Community Liaison Group in January 2014.