Socio-economic Benefits

The mine will benefit the community in a number of ways:

  1. The mine will pay significant amounts of corporation tax (as a company) and business rates.
  2. The mine will create around 50 highly skilled jobs and our aim is to have at least 50% of the workforce recruited from the Crofton, Havercroft and Ryhill area.
  3. Approximately 50% of the profits of the Co-operative will be shared equally amongst the members (the workers).
  4. The remainder of the profits will be available to develop additional co-operative enterprises in the area.
  5. Over the life of the mine, up to £10,000,000 will be invested into the community via a charitable community foundation and around £1,000,000 will be given as compensation for any disturbance caused by the small amount of increased road traffic through certain villages. At the moment we expect most of this traffic to be through New Crofton but some element may pass through Wintersett.
  6. Whilst the mine occupies only a small part of the Anglers site we will undertake to manage the surrounding fields, scrub and woodland for the benefit of the community.